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Asalaamu alykum to all my beloved s.o.i.b fans

We really hopeful that you guys are in the best state of imaan and well-being.

It has indeed been long since we have left and just like to say JazaakAllah to all those who supported us in our journey.

May ALlah ta’aala accept from us.

The be all and end all is to turn to our Allah.

Rajab is here ,that is why im here to remind all of us to read our duaa.

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Do remember deenagers in your duaas an make duaa for the ijtimaa .

Allahumah dinnaasa jame’aa

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wa alaykum salaam

#Finale-And the sun eventually sets at Ib……….

‘And the cream of princesses had fallen……i repeated my words over and over again.

In total disbelief of the reality of it all.

Was it an underlying message here…all my beloved ones being taken away!!

I sat down with my head in my hands …..sobbing .


and crying.

First My Sahal….shocked us -unexpectedly leaving.

and now.

My Princess.


The tayyib ..pure soul that was suppose to be mine just yet.

and they say ….shes gone.

Why me??

Why can’t i ever get things right???

They say she always wanted to be buried at night.

That was her modesty.

She didn’t even want to be seen whilst dead.

She could have told me this …..not to wait her answer so impatiently…

But ..Oh Daanyaal!! She didn’t know herself.

Death doesn’t warn us of it’s arrival…

It lies unknown.She must have also wanted to play merrily with my beard like how i wanted to swing her in  my arms….

But..LIFE. is meant for ALLAH…No love except HIS,no  BELOVED except HIM.

The more i thought about it …the more i began to cry.

The underlying message here was ..that we are here for ALLAH!!

And HE was teaching me that lesson by taking away those whom i had depended to bring me solace.

Because solace.

is only with HIM.

and everytime i lost hope in HIS plans….HE always showed me that HIS promises are true.

That if the whole world is against me but if HE is with me…..then

that is enough.

My whole life i had to pass through to realize that we are here to make Allah ours and for us to become HIS.


and even though i had inclined to things other than Allah in my life …

HE has proven that Everything is

vain……except Allaah!!

Everything is baatil….Except Allah…. much as her death has proven to shred the inner recesses of my heart..i have taken my heart out of the slavery of slaves into the slavery of the Rabb of the slaves.

Because ALLAH is now my secret that only my heart knows of!!

I saw the men make rows to pray her janazaah Salaah.

People looked at me with the eye of condolences ..

I wanted to scream and expire or become nasyamansiya..a forgotten entity….Nay the cream of Damsels had fallen…”

Little sprinkles of water was felt on my cheek..

“wake up…Yaa sayyidi..azaan for tahajud had just been called out” Her soft alluring tone woke me up.


Rubbing my eyes and reciting my duaa for awaking…

I stared into her sparkling eyes glazed with innocence ..trying to fathom the reality .

Her gentle touch had proven to wipe out the shock of my dream.

Just a dream.

Huh!! Shukar.i wanted to touch her or pinch to see if i am really out of my dream …and the fact that she is real.

But as  she brought my honey water seating herself in close proximity to me….i needed no other surety..


she’s mine.

Makkah  Sareef had been so full so i advised her to stay in the hotel.

Hajj period is quite busy.What could be better than Hajj with my other half.

As i turned one more time to look at her before proceeding to the Haram Sharief.

My mind drifted right to that day.The day Daanyaal was used as a second name…..Zawjah Daanyaal…

The cries of her family had made think of the words of my ustaad.’A living janazaah ,boys.When a girl is leaving her house.”

and then he read to us a poem written by a bride leaving her home.Recalling every went like this…

Look the carriage has come 

Let me weep till my heart is done

If i cannot  weep as much as i would like

Just allow my heart to become light

I suppose i will have to leave

Leave the ties of love that seem impossible to retrieve,

What shall my abode be?

When i have to leave the affection and love showered on me

Leave the doting ,attention and affection.

Leave my parents ,sisters,brothers and their attraction,

I am breaking away from them all

i was the little chirping bird of the garden.

Oh has it really passed by,I beg your pardon.

Oh how blissful was the adolescence i spent

Everyone of my friends i could meet

With a heart wide open,with nothing descreet

Though i shall be leaving you all.

Never shall i forget you at all.

In my heart here shall always dwell..Until qiyaamat something to tell…………….

And so it continues sadly..then he read to us the reply of the mother

‘Listen well,Oh my broken- hearted one

All that has happened is your trun to come

This period dawns on every child

This bridge is crossed by everyone meek and mild,

this time of separation does arrive

for all people in the world alive

The one who you call mother with such love

was also someones daughter their turtledove..

Everything stood still as her khala finally let her go.

I felt so bad like i was taking her way from her place of love…

But i realized that every sun has to rise at one place yet set at another.

We felt so complete ….being the sign of Allah ta’aala


And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.

We felt so spiritually rejuvenated that we are to each other a sign of Allah ta;aalas system …and HE says…

And We created you in pairs.

That night will forever be etched in my memory.What i say??How can i explain?? A night that i had a partner to stand in the obedience of Allah.

uhhhmm.Can i say Love in the valley of the beloved for the sake of the beloved.??

Perhaps can i phrase it as a partner in attaining the love of the beloved by being a lover of HIS beloved???

What ever words i use …we just know that…..


And Allah has made us in pairs.

And my pair is like no other.

So much ..i needed to thank my Allah ta’aala for blessing us with deen..Abdullah ,Zia and i..Allah has intended good for us and so HE has blessed us with deen.


That night Ummi Ayman left me with my mouth agape.

I had moved towards her but she advised thus

“I would like to begin like the way the wife of Qadhi Shuraih  rahmatullah alayh explained to his friend Sh’abi rahmatulla alayh ,the manner in which his wife began when he was about to move towards her.

Please wait a moment ,All praise is for Allah ,i praise HIm and seek His assistance.Blessings and salutations be upon Nabee salalAllahu alayhi wa sallam and HIS family.There were many women in your own tribe whom you could have married and there were many men in my tribe whom i could have married,but when Allah ta’aala decides upon a matter,it certainly comes to be .I am now in your care,so do as Allah has commanded,

“Retain her with honour or release her with kindness (Surah Bakarah)

We are strangers to each other .I donot know your nature and tempraments.Therefore i would appreciate if you inform me of your likes and dislikes so i could behave accordingly.With these words ,i end and i seek Allah ‘s  forgiveness for us and all the muslims”

I gazed at her in shock.I am rest assured that No GIRL in durban had,has or will have the courage to begin ithe likes of this girl.She had chosen to emulate a woman from the Banu Tameem tribe in the way she had began speaking to her spouse and today in the books of history ..Qadhi shuraih’s advice to Sha’bi about his wife is still existing titled THE IDEAL MARRIAGE.

And even though i had read that story before..with her saying had engulfed every paw on my body.

By Allah!! I could not help but reply in a similiar manner.Just like Qadhi Shuraih.

and so we began to being true servants of Rahmaan..

Together abiding by Qur’aan.

Together divorcing the arrows of the world in Desire that Allah must strike our heart with the arrow of HIS love.

In desire that The love of Allah should rise in our hearts and NEVER SET.

and even though my new bride and i slept on the floor that night…

We both were sure of the saying……of a poet.

“Tha’si rasul wa antha thuzhiru habbahu,inna lafil fiaalbadeeoo,law kaana hubaka saadiqan la ‘atha’thuhu .innal Muhhiba limayihubbu Mutheeun”

You disobey the messanger,yet you claim to love HIM,indeed this is a very strange act,if your love was true you would have obeyed HIM,for verily a lover is ever obedient to his beloved”

As she complied to her words …being so humble and obedient we sat ..looking at the sun set on the shore of isipingo beach on that day of our nikaah ..i couldn’t help but recite the words of poetry that Qadhi Shuraih recited to his wife….

i have seen men beating their wives,May my hand be paralysed the day it strikes (Ummi Ayman)…

How can i strike the one who has done no wrong?

What justice am i displaying by beating the one who has not sinned?

(Ummi Ayman) is the sun and the other women are the stars….

When the sun rises…not a single star can be seen!!”

Of all the sunset’s that i experienced on the shore of Ib…..this one had proven the best…

For indeed…when my horizon has such a sun……i never ever want it to set…

and oh yes for the horizon of the world the sun has risen so many times but for the first time ever my horizon had experienced the rising of the sun..Ummi Ayman…

And together we will strive…till we become of those who are Allah ‘s and Allah become ours….

and of all journeys i took began with a single  step…..

However with her next to me ,when we are advancing to earn ALLAH himself..

we don’t advance alone..

because this journey began with both our steps..

Turning to Allah before …return to Allah……

Waiting for the true life…The life of Aakhiart..

because as Abba told me when i finished my hifdh ..that the world was made for us…But  WE are made for Allah!!

Together we remember this till jaanat do us apart….

Thirsty we both will remain for the recognition of be intoxicated with the wine of HIS love…


And there will be circulated among them vessels of silver and cups having been [created] clear [as glass],


Clear glasses [made] from silver of which they have determined the measure.

And they will be given to drink a cup [of wine] whose mixture is of ginger

[From] a fountain within Paradise named Salsabeel.


There will circulate among them young boys made eternal. When you see them, you would think them [as beautiful as] scattered pearls.

So as she recites these veres to me as her dhor..she stops..and sobssss…..
and she manages to say in between……
“Please if you going into jannat..hold my hands with yours….
i held her hand … silence…as we both prayed for Janat


Do you love me?
Hold my hand and tell come lets pray,
tell me this is Haram and this is Halal,
give me a Quran and let us read together,
wake me up from my sleep and tell me: do not miss prayer,
help me do good, talk to me about Jannah,
advise me how to work for the afterlife,
and what’s important; say my name even if it’s at the end off your Duaa,
If you love me…
take me with you to Jannah.”

and these were the likes of my new life…..and that was my favourite sunset of  Isipingo beach…


Evil words are for evil men, and evil men are [subjected] to evil words. And good words are for good men, and good men are [an object] of good words. Those [good people] are declared innocent of what the slanderers say. For them is forgiveness and noble provision.

rabbana taqabal minna


As we do our last post ending this story we hope that all is well,making duaa for us.

Deenagers would love to ask for sincere maanf for any thing inapropriate we have mentioned and for the terrible grammar and spelling.

It takes abit too much to blog and alhumdulillah through Allah ta’aala all has been done.

We ask Allah to forgive us for our mistakes and to make this a means of hidayath..

Jazakillah to ….

all my beloved crazy cousins…

Esp Dimple damsel for the late nights talking about what Daany will do next.i love you for the sake of Allah forever.

And also to Marylicious for always being a s.o.ib fan and never leaving us.Your support is well appreciated.

To Miss Muslimah for teaching me about all these techno stuff.

To Journey in a Journal Admin for being a good blogging buddy!!

Especially to my mother and father for giving me the time away from their company to be blogging.

To everyone else to whom we didnot mention….Please forgive me .

To our commentors….

May Allah ta’aala bless you all with HIS love and khair in every matter.



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ASW…Beloved readers!!

Hope everyones well and in the most high,sweet level of Imaan.This is to inform you that inshaaAllah..LAST post for this blog is tommorrow inshaaAllah.

Don’t be too impatient ……  😉

Kindly make duaa for us all.Special Mubaarak to Ukhti A!!


Uqaddim Yaa haramainasharifein!!

-From the pen of Binte Muhammad-(Non Fictional)

Bismillah-Authors note-This is a beautiful insight from sister Zee that im sure most of us see in the comments section.She has added her thoughts as she is from Isipingo Beach in reality and we see here how she relates to this blog.jazaakillah so much sister Zee for writing your thoughts and sharing with us your redemption.May Allah accept your efforts and bless you with khair in every aspect.S.o.i.b really appreciates your warm encouragement and for always reading this blog with the eye of one who intends to change.

Love for the sake of Allah-Deenagers


I have always loved reading and would read everything from novels to ebooks and blogs. One day, while searching for a new read, I stumbled across a blog called The Sunset of Isipingo Beach and, being ever-so-curious, I decided to check it out… What initially attracted me to read it was that it was named after my hometown.

At first I thought it would be like most other “Islamic blogs”  that feature a westernised story about people with Muslim names (NB. Here i do not intend to criticise or belittle anyone-just stating my opinion) but after reading the first post, I was intrigued, wanting to read more. The story line is so different compared to other blogs and really addresses many pertinent issues.

I went on, reading as much as I could and was constantly uplifted and awed by the naseehah, ahaadeeth and reminders that were so carefully highlighted in each post.

Soon I was gripped by the characters and they felt like family to me. Every time Daanyaal or anyone else would make a mistake i found myself subconsciously trying correct these aspects of my life… As i write this, i think of the post when Daany told Amatu to scout a girl for him but that she must check to see the girl isn’t wearing jeans under her abaya- i too was guilty of that kind of self-deception and i decided that i would stop just that one little thing.

I found it becoming easier to do good when i would read these posts and whenever i would think of sin, I thought, “Daanyaal wouldn’t do that” or even “Daany won’t marry a girl like that” *blush*

Our beloved sister, the Author of S.o.I.B. Had so beautifully prepared us with knowledge and advice for Ramadhaan and i was determined that this Ramadhaan would be different from all others, those days when we would drag our feet to awaken for Sehri or try to slack on Taraaweeh, reading only half of it or being too tried and our bellies too full to read with any concentration. I was determined to change and SubhaanALLAH! It is indeed true that when we take one step towards  اَللَّه, HE come running towards us with open arms!  اَلْحَمْدُلِلّه i started to become a better Muslim and become more aware of my Deen.

As Daany grew and matured, he taught me many lessons that i do hope everyone else has taken note of as well.

Deen requires effort and sacrifice but the rewards are eternal.
Looking back at who I was and to who I think I have changed now, I really am grateful first to  اَللَّه for guiding me and I know that we, insaan are not able to praise  اَللَّه sufficiently, to quote Sahals thoughts: ” اَللَّه is as He has praised Himself.” Then I am deeply indebted to our beloved Deenagers who has sacrificed her time, effort and worked through hardships and trials to bring us back onto the Proper Deen and to make us aware of our duties: to  اَللَّه, our family, our friends, others and ourselves. I would also love to say a HUGE  جَزَاكَ اللهُ خَيْرًا to all those readers who encouraged and motivated our beloved sister to continue the blog before i began reading it and those that continue to spread love for the S.o.I.B.

There are so many more lessons and so much more advice etc that I have picked up on but have no idea how to word, to explain, to share and this leads me to ponder on how Gяєαт  اَللَّه is, that HE inspired a servant of His to write and in that, He gave her knowledge, wisdom and tact, all displayed perfectly when our sister so painstakingly tries (and succeeds btw) to share with us the Beauty of ISLAM. Allahu Akbar!

I really encourage everyone to continue in the way of  اَللَّه because that is best for us, whether it is by seemingly small triumphs or Gяєαт big battles. I do hope that someone will be inspired by my weak words and i plead with everyone to make duaa for the Ummah, we are all bleeding

I have realised that everyone would be bored by my mini life story (I’m really sorry, i did not realise it was so long!) and so i say:
And please remember us, those who read (and love) the S.o.I.B.,  in your esteemed duaas.

unnamed (2)

Bismillah waSalaatu waSalaamu Alaa Habeebullah

“I enjoyed very bit of being a student of deen.I continuosly reminded myself that Allah intended good for me that’s why i have been blessed with deen.

By Allah..I have done so much sin in my life….that when i think of it makes me shiver in awe of my meeting with Allah ta’aala.

Sahaabah Ajmaeen will stand before of Allah ta’aala some with their nose cut off ,others with their chest ripped open but when i stand before Allah ta’aala…what am i going to show????

My youth..i think is the worst of all the sinful youth..How am i to face my Nabee on the day of Qiyaamat??

Jannat is so enticing…wAllah…i fully yearn the beauty of Jannat..But what i want is The moment is when my Allah will unveil HIMself….i fully well acknowledge that i donnot deserve that moment..but i am desirous that Allah will have mercy on me just because i am the ummati of HIS beloved .

On the other hand ..when i say Allahumma Ajirni minanaar….

It’s as if the redness of the coal…blurs my eyes..the heat i think of makes droplets of sweat fall on my beard…and my chest narrows.

I am so fearful,That..i might be flung in the fire.. being told..”Oh Sahal!! You consumed what Allah forbade,now taste from the azaab!!”

May Allah have mercy on me!!

These thoughts struck me as i went off to sleep on this thursday night as i was trying to finish my Durood shareef.


Awe struck me as i pictured my Aakhirat.

I awoke.

And proceeded to the musjid at this dark hour …it was tahajud time.

I began to feel weak.

My legs felt like it was giving up.

Each step is getting harder.

I struggle to breathe.

I have few steps for the musjid.

I walk making Durood sharief.

Friday has now set in.

I kneel on the wall on the whudu khana as i reach the musjid.

i take out my miswaak from my top pocket….making whudu.

Trying to make Ahsanul whudu.

Trying to read my sunnan duaas …

The musaallah seemed so far as i struggled to walk….

All of a sudden.

I began feeling my head spin….i felt strange.My vision blurred.

I sat on my musallah…raised my hands in duaa.I felt bad that as a student of deen i hardly made effort for aakhirat.It all was just to learn for exams…but now reality began to dawn…..

“Oh my Allah …i cannot praise you as i ought to are as you have praised yourself.

Oh my caring Rabb..through the azmat and love you have for my Nabee salalAllahu alyhi wa sallam ..forgive me!! Forgive me for spending my life in vice.

Oh my Allah….pardon me and strike me with the arrow of your love!!!””

My heart flooded open….the echoes of my cries echoed right back at me as the musjid was very empty..infact totally empty.

I stood up in Salaah reading surah Qiyaamah…by now i could barely feel my legs…..i see visions of a palace …i smell musk….a Hoori so stunning i see….I pick my hand to touch her…But she says…

Not as yet “Oh Sahal ibn Zakariyaah…Not as yet oh the beloved of Rahmaan..who repented so sincerely ..your time is near”

I now feel restless…i cant see the vision..i hear the tap of the musjid open….I fall into sajdah as tears rush fiercely at the ayaat of Surah qiyaamah…I smell sweet basil….

Subhaana Rabbi Al A’laa……………Ash hadu….alla ilaaha illAllahhhhhhhhhhhhh

“Sahal..sahal…..wake up….Mu’azin saab what time was he here since??? Call doctor Saab..quickly…wait..uhmm….Blood from his head..Sahallllll…..wake up…i need to know if you fine….You khataming mishkaatul masaabeeh today…come on….your favorite subject…Stop playing the’s jumuah today..we rushing for fajr….Sahall…Sa….hh…”

I went on and on…….

But there was No reply….We decided to read Fajr then DoctorSaab would check him because lots of time got delayed and we couldn’t make our Salaah qadhaa.

As soon as i was done making duaa..i went over to Sahal….

” Molvi Daanyaal….uhmmm…Lets take him to the hospital immediately…Oh and Tell uncle Zakariyaah to come with” Doctor Saab said.

We drove to the  nearest Hospital…

Everything went on fast as we waited for Doctor to come tell us how he felt.

I phoned Amatullah and them to make duaa he gets shifaa…i still made duaa for his shifaa until….

Doctorsaab came to me…took me in his room…”Moulana…..Daanyaal..inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon”

I stared questionably????

“he’s gone…Molvi….Brain hemmorhage…He’s gone”

Time stopped for me.






which sahal?? I asked myself…

My Sahal???

DoctorSaab teared…i mean he knew us from birth.

“How am i going to tell my best friend..this… go..” Now he sobbed. I held him ……i sobbed too…men crying..yes.

My Sahal..

Allah took .

He has transferred from this abode to the next.Uncle zakkariyaa…..i cant even his state…..The salt in his wound was when sahal’s mother came from jhb….and her cries….when she hugged her daughter…..filled ib with grief…

We gave ghusal to him…Whilst his face shone and he had a smile pasted on his face.I’ve never seen him so handsome before.

i couldn’t bear this.I broke down  completely when Zia and Abdullah both who just arrived from Journey ..Zia just landed in S.a whilst Abdullah barely went home from JHB when he got the news.It was they were due to arrive today.

We three sobbed as we threw sand over…our childhood friend..our sathee.. us….we not the same..the foursome….

Today we walked with soaked beards back home.


we left Sahal.

I wondered how we judged him for all he did.

and today in Salaah sujood…in the musjid…..and on friday..Allah blessed him with such a mubaarak death.

and me??

I dream about my future..and this and that when she gives her answer…..who knows if i’ll live till she gives her answer.

I couldn’t rest…..i went to his locker in Madrassah..

a diary fell out..

Homework diary……

i flipped the pages through all his homework reminders…until a page with alot of writing cuaght my eye..

Today Moulana Ismaaeel read to us what a beautiful thing…it went something like “500 angels visits a dying  beloved of Allah each carry a shroud from jannah,holding a vase of sweet smelling basil flower,every basil has 20 colours each colour gives off a different fragrance.they bring sweet musk wrapped in white silk.They like how a crying baby is soothed they put a musk scented handkerchief under his nose.jannah is made visible to him.he sees hoors dance with joy….His soul flutter..anxious to free itself….his given glad-tidings and his soul is taken out like how hair is pulled from a dough with ease..he mentioned so many other lovely scenes..but i dont really remember.Today ..i wondered about my death.I began to read 25 times a day Allahumma baarik lanaa fil mauth wa fil maa ba’dal the advice from Moulana.I also decided to write down all my qadhaa and debts …and shukar i have fillfulled all of it from the time Moulana read this to us from fadhaail Sadaqaat…I really need to realise that theres no (rest) araam anymore..theres no life except the life of the aakhirat….need to finish my muthala ….and …”

the more i read the more tears was as if this time i thought about life like the sun….And example sahal’s life in dunyaa….once he was a sun who rose ….then went into it’s’s zenith…..then now…the sun has set……

and in this world….only there is no Sahal to rise,…..tommorrow……

Sadness..filled me…..sadness filled ib…….a great loss……theres no words….only tears…….we all are like the sun..who knows today we might rise……and maybe today forever we will set……

with tears and introspection that was the sunset of isipingo beach..a sad one indeed.

We all…need to turn to Allah before return to Allah….

Allahumma la aysh ill ayshal Aakhirat

islamic-art-and-quotes: Will they not turn to God… أَفَلَا يَتُوبُونَ إِلَى اللَّهِ وَيَسْتَغْفِرُونَهُ وَاللَّهُ غَفُورٌ رَحِيمٌ Will they not turn to God and pray to Him for forgiveness? God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. (Quran 5:74) Originally found on: ifa6omyy islamic-art-and-quotes: Every soul (Quran 3:185)

islamicpostz: This world is filled with beauty and attractions but the Akhira is filled with beauty unimaginable.

invitetoislam: So true! There is so much to do but insha’Allah we will relax soon in Jannah. May Allah protect us from the punishment of the Grave, May He make it easy for us and May Allah SWT grant us all Jannat ul Firdous

islamic-art-and-quotes: A Garden, and Silk (Quran 76:12 – Surat al-Insan) And awarded them for all that they endured, a Garden and silk. Originally found on: riham-88

-Like my reflection in the mirror…..

Bismillah-(Daanyaal’s Father.Moulana Mu’aadh P.o.v)

Brothers….let us thank Allah ta;aala for HIS Ihsaan upon us that we have deen here in S.A.we travelled through Brasil ,going to all masaajid…all i can say is make qadar ,appreciate  what we have here.Maktab,madaaris..the flooding of asaatiza.This trip really remind us of the Mubaarak words of Nabee salalAllahu alayhi wa sallam that goes something to the effect…”There shall not remain a house made of mud or of camels hair in any city ,village or desert ,except that Allah ta;’aala will make this kalimah of islaam to enter it.Either with a big honour or submissive humiliation…..”.Brothers..let us give our life for the sake of this deen…this work of no ordinary..”

I was startled..Daanyaal had grown up to be so much like me…in all his ways ,looks and the way he spoke.He was an orator of note and his vibrant tone was not hard to miss.

After his arrival from Brasil,he has surely changed alot.

It’s as if he is brimming with zeal ,fikr to give time in the path of Allah.

It makes me so happy to see my son thread the right path .Sons are really a handful.

I guess ,changing nappies and cooking for women isn’t as bad as what we as fathers have to do.Striking the balance between being that ideal abba and also not being too hard.

But Daanyaal was different from the others ..he never gave us such a big worry ever.I always tried to make my sons feel comfortable around me …even though i wanted them to have a slight sought of respect.I know that we dont ask for respect…we earn it.

And now that he was deciding to get married at 23 made it so much more…like my life….

His ummi and i got married when i was 23….and this is what makes Daanyaal….like my reflection on the mirror.Although i hope he grows to achieve way more than i did.


Sameera often stayed at home when I made ziyaarat of the outskirts of the city. She sometimes got sad while mostly she understood.

And even though she used to be enthusiastic to pray salah at the Musjid when we first came…I have managed to get her to remember that the best place for a woman to pray salaah is the home.

…okay ..I do acknowledge that it brings such an amazing feeling to hear Azaan from majiidun Nabawi shareef every day..but I cared for my wife and I want what is best for her. 

Looking back at life…who knew that I would marry our school freind and then migrate to madeenah Munawwara. .it is so beautiful to turn new leaves and travel in the predestined future that Allah ta a ala had planned..I really can’t wait for tomorrow as we leave for South Africa…home sweet home..although really going to be sad to leave Madeenatun nabee….


asmaa came from madrassa ready to serve lunch.

Our makthab jalsa had really kept us on our toes. So much so that I hardly ever seen my beloved wife properly at all .

The food was delicious and I was startled at how long ago I had complimented my wife. … I think last for Eid.

she grinned at my shyness to compliment her. Not only for the cooking but also for the successfuljalsa . my hope is that Allah ta a ala accept it.

Asmaa and I still acted as crazy teenagers .I guess because we were married at such a young age…

we do have some bad day’s but I guess everyone does.

She changed up baby and we were of to naani….yippee. ummi. huh how I miss her and more the good old days of ib.


Hadeeth shareef had consumed every paw of mine, it is like a person can experience the best of events but honestly if you haven’t already sat in adars of hadeeth shareef you haven’t yet received the most overwhelming feeling in the world.

I guess all i can say is shukr Alhamdulilah that over andabove my weaknesses Allah has indeed chosen me for this journey.

My teen years were spent in such vice and evil yet Allah took me out of that dark days and enlightened it with these day.

oh how I miss my three some Daany,abdullah and Zee. although I must admit I have managed to love my new class mates.

From different colours and countries makes it a whole lot more exciting.

Most of my crew are married or about to . However I am on a new mission .that is to find Allah,to recognise my rabb

I have come to understand that at the moment women isn’t my top priority.priority . jannah is.

Like the colour’s in the rainbow…..-Ummi Ayman

Bismillah was salaatu wasalaamu alaa Habeebullah.

I added some yellow on the sunflowers and a sprinkle of red over the green pasture….

I was doubting whether to add a dash of orange on the sky that looked so blue. Ahhh…the daisies was like a breath of fresh air.

Painting….. I loved it….even though a little green paint smudged my lilac carpet…..i loved painting.

It’s like so ..what can i say..refreshing…and releases all your feelings on a canvas…..

I gazed outside once more…to admire the amazing creation of Allah…..the rainbow across Isipingo beach….SubhaanAllah!!

The condition of the beloveds of Allah in this world is such that Sun rises it reminds one of the beloved (Allah ta’aala) ,when the sun sets then it reminds one of the beloved .

They say….. “Wallaahi,the sun doesn’t rise nor set,except that you are in my heart and thoughts.”

And this is what i thought about as i gazed outside my window… The jamaal..kamaal…(beauty and completeness) of the creation of Allah ta’aala.

I was so in desire of gaining the love of Allah because this love isn’t like any other….it is true…and Allah’s promises are true…

Life got  a little quite and lonely without my aprents at times…..But when one has Allah that how can the heart ever be empty!! I went into deep introspection about the condition of my imaan…when i am to meet Allah……???

A sweet voice then interupted me….

“Ummmmii…..Ayyyymannn…….” Khala called out through the passage way reminding me of were i was in reality.

I indicated that i was coming ….”Jheeee…Khalaa”

She sat and spoke to me leaving in me in awe.

uhmmm this is why khalaa seemed so elated recently!!

I was so in denial of my age…. This was not really happening …i thought of how when i first came to IB…i just felt like i was going to die and meet my parents in Jannat.I guess ,i needed time to come to terms with being an orphan and relocating and redemption..And like that for 6 years i refused every proposal and none could ever force me….

Now here i am 22……years old…(young 🙂  )

I really missed ummi especailly in times like these.

When i needed that ummi-wise words part of my life.

But Allah plans…..what we know not..

i was left in a bit of suspense for few days as in who actually khala was talking about when she said “Abdullahs very close friend..remember he qualified with Abdullah.He is a gem of a child.”

However ,Mammajee and them came down from JHB and cleared the mystery for me.

What?! Was it that guy when i first came to IB who stold my Diary!!!

Oh and when i was still getting used to make purdah here..i was embarrassed that we clushed because i was never used to having boys frequent my house.

Was it Amatullahs brother they talking about!!!!!

Days passed leaving me wondering about my future…

Was i ready to take this step…..

Did they propose over and above the guy reading my past in my diary..

Ohhh..So….this is why Amatullah always asked me about Nikaah…

No… i ready to be….uhmmmmm aa……wife!!

I began making istikhaarah and when he gets back from Brasil…..we will give my answer ..hoping for the best!!

All i ask is help from Allah….to let my life unfold in the best of ways….

The heart of an Aashiq finds contentment in the fact that his every sigh reaches the heveans..’

After all…..who else will hear us except Allah???

If life is given till he returns from brasil…..i am really nervous for the next steps…to make it’s way….

What ever it is i want what will benefit my aakhirat…..

as i live by this….

Allahumma La aysh illa aysh al Aakhirath……..

There’s no life except……that of the aakhirat…..

Authors note:

For advice regarding where Ummi Ayman is at the moment..

Read an article by Ml Naeem -On How to choose a husband or wife or freind.To read click on the link added below-:

Reemeber the author in your duaas.

3 post to go..inshaaAllah and we will see how the sun finally sets at the sunset of IB….

Rabbana taqabal minna!!


AminA زوجةريا

-And that sparkle in his eyes…..


“The curtains flew across the passage way ,the doors banged against the door frame..

The chilly winters air had forced me to grab something more warmer than just a jersey.

The smell was enough to make me take out and the light blue wall reminded me of where i actually was.

A little cry from the cradle next to me made me recall the happenings of the previous day.

Unbearable pain and discomfort was calmed by the most breath taking sight.

A hazel ,sparkling pair of eyes stare into mine……

The dimples are not hard to miss..i knew he would look just like Mu’aadh!!

That broad forehead ..eyes that looked like surmaa was permenantly applied …deep dimples…rosy cheeks.

I’m sure Dhiraar will be too elated to resemble his little brother!!

AmatuRahmaan was really wishing for a sister ,but im sure she would be happy that Allah Ta’aala has blessed us with this handsome baby boy!!

As much as i did expect a girl ,i was taken aback by the wonder of this little soul.

My mother was a little worried about me….because Moulana Mu’aadh will only arrive next week  from India.

I was so at peace with myself….thinking about how  Aaminah ra gave birth to our most Honourable Nabee Muhammad salalAllahu alayhi wa sallam without Abdullah ra…

and he had passed on to another realm…

i made shukr that Mu’aadh inshaAllah will be here soon.

He also planned his days to be out in the path of Allah in jamaat such that he would be here in time..but our little mujaahid arrived 1 week early…i guess he couldn’t wait to make his arrival!!

He cried even more grabbing my attention until i picked him up to feed him.

I tried to always be in whudu when i fed him and recited bismillah as he drank hungrily and took to his full.

My mind drifted to a  lesson we did in Madrassah that always amazed me!!.

The flower of the city,the most handsome and youthful!.Historians describe him as “the most charming of the makkans”.

Born and reared in wealth ,most pampered by his parents,the talk of women in makkah ,the jewel of it’s youthful assemblies,uhmmm does it sound possible that he may turn out into a legend of islaam.?

By Allah,how interesting a tale ,the story of Mus’ab. His story is a pride of mankind.

One day when the youth heard that when makkah slept and  awoke there was only one talk,the deen of Muhammad  salalAllahu alayhi wa sallam

. And this spoilt boy possessing traits of wisdom listened well to the talks.He heard that they were at the house of Arqam and so he wasted no time even though being the flower of the youth in their amusement and play ,he found it anticipating. He bearly took a seat when entering the house of arqam hearing the verses of quraan ,when his heart was changed from one of youthful desires to a faithful promised heart.

The pleasure of the qu’raan almost flung him of his seat as he was now in wild ecstacy of love of quraan.But Nabee salalahu alayhi wa sallam patted his throbbing heart with his mubaarak hand and the silence of the oceans depths filled his heart.In the twinkling of an eye ,the youth that had newly gave up the religion of his forefathers ,became muslim appeared to have more wisdom than his age and a determination that would change the course of time.Mus’ab feared none on the face of this earth except his mother Khunaas whom all makkans feared in her strong personality..He  secretly used to go to learn .

However ,makkah kept no secret ,for the eyes of the quraish were everywhere checking footprints in the hot dessert sands.Soon ,he was before his mother when she gave him a heavy blow on his innocent handsome  face, she locked him up in chains ,the son whom she spoilt from birth was now going against her.

But this is imaan ,NOTHING  ,NO BEATING could deter him from imaan. He left his singing girls ,his expesive fashionable clothing for the sake of imaan. He invited his mother to deen but she rejected. He  escaped to abbisinniyah ,returned and was chained the second time.Then he was sent to madeenah munawwarah to spread deen. He left his king meals for poverty and hunger. He left sensual  love and romance for LA ILAA HA ILLALLAH.He left fashionable garments for mere cloth,he left musical instruments for swords and arrows.

This was imaan.He drank from the cup of matrydom and He met his end  in the battle of uhud,Nay! the cream  of matyrs had fallen.Upon  his burial ,there was little cloth. Nabee salalahu alayhi wa sallam  with love and tears said “I saw you at makkah,and there was not a more precious jewel nor more distinguished one than you and here you are bare-headed in a garment. ‘

There are oceans of tales about the islaam of mus’ab just too much to mention. But as it unfolds we see how a prince-like youth  leaves his luxurious life for piety and austerity ,the heart of  sensual love was transformed into love for Allah..just because of imaan…this is the reality of la ilaaha illalahhhh..

and this is who i wanted my new son to be like…

Abandoning the love of this world for the love of Allah..

The nurse came to discharge me plucking me out of the thoughts of my lessons in Madrassah…

Home sweet home!!Finally!!

The others Faathimah ,Rumaysah and Saaliha gave birth before me and amazingly it was boy season in Ib!!!

We planned to have the aqeeqah together when Moulana arrives.

Few days passed and a bunch of fresh roses coupled with a whole packet of cutey baba’s clothes marked the arrival of abba!! Daanyaal’s Abba!!!

It was weird trying to call this new edition his new name  chosen by his father even before he was born.

Daanyaal alaysalaam was known for his and compassion.

Amoungst the qualities of Nabee salalAllahu alayhi wa sallam was one from each Nabee…and love was like that of Daanyaal alaysalaam.!!


“Mardiyah,we’ere can get off the car..waiting to unlock the house habeebati’

And we actually home from the airport!!

Watching my beloved son leave to Brazil now looking exactly like his father made me go right back to the day he was born..

and 23 years has passed……my son….my pride…..

How more thankful can i be to Allah …..that he has grown into being similar to my dreams for him.

Now…not only my dream for him to be a Haafidh but also an Aalim.

Together with that..he had such a sterling akhlaaq..a mutaqi ..i am so thankful to my Rabb for these plentiful bounties.

It’s as if i still remember the Aqeeqah braai we had for the foursome ….and today they all has grown so much..

makes me think…where they were and we they are today..SubhaanAllah

Sahal… his last Daurah year…..I’m so proud of him.Even with all his trials of my friend getting divorced and leaving him.It must have been hard …not finishing hifdh with his buddies.But he stood taller than before and continued with Madrassah.It makes me smile to see him grow .

and Abdullah..even though i was astounded that he got married at such a small age was as if i felt his parents wedding was the day before.He has proven that he is a star.

I felt sorry for them being so young and losing 2 babies but after the darkness theres light …then .Asmaa ,his wife gave birth to the most pretty Hannah.I felt like that’s my grandkid.

For 2 years now..Abdullah has relocated to Pretoria and Alhumdulillah ,is the Imaam of that musjid.Allah accept all the khidmat of every khaadim of deen.

and Zia….having got iqaamah (permission to stay) in Madeenah with His wife Sameera .We met them when we went for umraah last year.He really shocked us.As naughty as he was when he was little he has grown into a Mature Aalim of deen.

Sameera used to actually spend alot of time at our house when she was small..who knew that she would get married to Zia.….a real journey…….sometimes a walk of ease ..others of hardship…..

but after all every journey begins with a step….

Amatullah always wanted us to take this step….

and Ummi Aymans family was over the moon at our step…

who knows this might be their journey…

Journey into the sunset…..

Authors note:ASW,please make maaf all my beloved S.o.ib readers fro the delayed post..esp my dimple damsel.Oh and Pretty princess May Allah give you shifaa…Hope everyone enjoyed this one.,Kindly make duaa for this sinful slave.Allah accept from us!!

Bismihi Ta’aala-Daanyaal from a teenager to a Deenager…


“Light on the toungue,heavy on the scales ,beloved to Rahmaan…..SubhaanAllahi wa bihamdihi subhaanAllahil adheem”

“Daanyaalllll…it’s time for us to recite our nazam..what are you dreaming about!!” Hamaad gestured for me to follow him.

“oh..maaf,jhee i’m coming.Was just thinking how i’m going to miss Hadeeth Sharief” i admitted sadly as i followed behind him.

“Yesss!! Me too!! I am still in awe of saying our final Hadeeth.The likes of Imam Bukhaari is unfathomable.The noor of Hadeeth is something else.May Allah ta’aala help us to make amal”  Miqdaam al Yamani added as we now were 5 minutes away from reciting the most beautiful yet painful nazam.

Believe me..every jalsaa when this nazam is recited even if you have the hardest heart you will find Tears emerge from thee eyes.

But this feeling today was different.I was so afraid of pride …of minor shirk of doing things for name.

Today everyone will start to call me Moulana …and i am scared…i am fearful of myself.I am so unworthy …i donot want that i must preach so much yet i donot make amal.

“The daura class come here” Moulana Usaid whispered.

then…Moulana Ammaar announced our item and so we began..

Asalaamu alykum wa rahmatullah ” Miqdaam said in his Yemen accent.

سنوں دل سے یاروں، نظم آخری ہے
سلام آخری اور کلام آخری ہے
Suno Dil Sai Yaaro, Nazam Aakhri Hai,
Salaam Aakhri Orr Kalaam Aakhri Hai
اگر ہم سے کوئ خطا ہو گئ ہو
تو ناراض ہونے کی کوشش نہ کرنا

اگر مر گئے تو دعا کرتےرہنا
آنسو بہانے کی کوشش نہکرنا
Agar Mar Gayai To, Du’aa Karte Rehna,
Aansu Bahaane Ki Koshish Na Karna
Agar Ham Sai Ko’i Khata Hau Gayi Hau,
To Naaraz Haune Ki Koshish Na Karna

Last salaam……to my sathees… companions…The emergence of tears..unexplainable greif ….Imagine..eating ,sleeping..doing muthala  inheritance of ambiyaa,going for 3 days ,having fun,being in each an others suhbat (companionship ) for SIX years!!! SIX ..yess….SIX!! Love only for the sake of Allah…

It was as if someone was shredding my heart when i began to think  how it would be to leave my sathees!! Miqdaam al yamani ..with all his naughty ideas helping us with arabi in first year .To Hammad ,my bestie who always advised me with goodness.And the junk chor!! Talhaa who always ate my chocs.And all the others who we spent so long with.

No one will understand ,those maggi noodles days ,toppers creams and chocolate exchanges….over and above all that..spending morning and evening in qawlAllah and qawlaRasool… learning deen.

and leaving our asaatiza reminded me so much of the day that so so severe for Mu’aah radiyAllahu anhu..How must have been that day when let alone leaving the most beloved Nabee of Allah..he had no surety that he was going to see HIS mubaarak face again…

Today we are being despatched from Madrassah like how Hadhrat Muaadh radiyAllahuanhu was despatched to Yemen…

Even though it bleeds the heart to think leaving such suhbat (company) of the Muttaqeen…(those of taqwaa) ,it takes imaan to understand departure takes imaan to understand that imparting deen is also important.

It made me pleased to think that those who met ,gathered ,departed for the sake of Allah will be under HIS arsh when there will be no shade except HIS.

My deep thoughts were interupted by a voice of a lover of Allah ta’aala.They say that when someone is in love ,the effects of obsession is noticed by his affection when he mentions the name of the beloved.And thats how MuftiSaheb sounded when he mentioned the name of Allah azzawa jal.He mentioned pearls of naseehat to us as he continued to advise us thus :

Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh) offered
the following advice to students of the Deen:
“What are the adverse effects on ta’leem if the Talaba perform
Ishraaq, Chaasht (Duhaa) and Tahajjud Salaat? And, if instead of
becoming involved in futile talks, the Students of Hadith
engage their tongues in Thikr and Durood Shareef, what negative
effect will there be on their studies? (If they engage in these acts),
then Insha’Allah, the core of Ibaadat and the sweetness of Thikr
will develop in the Students. Fahm-e-Saleem (correct
understanding) and the Noor of intelligence cannot be acquired
without Taqwa and Amal. Adherence to this is highly beneficial
for studies.
While students should be prevented from participation in the
special ways of Sulook, they should diligently observe the Athkaar
(plural of Thikr) which are narrated in the Ahaadith, and without
fail be regular and punctual with Tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed.
These are such acts which may not be discarded in anyway.”

I was still soaking the sterling egms of advise MuftiSaab mentioned when the Mubaarak Hands of my ustaadh turned my turban around my topee (hat).

I was worthy of this day.I silently made duaa in my heart that Allah ta’aala give me thawfeeq to keep my amaamah (turban ) as a crown.As my crown..i remember my aapa in madrassah telling us how kings always have their crown..and ours is our turban.

She used to also say that the king of the jungle,the lion has mane we too should have our mane…our sunnat beard.

As the dastarbandi (turban tieing done to the graduating year by their asaatiza-teachers) took place ,my mind drifted to how unworthy we was …How weak i am ,of all the people in the world,they all are worthy ,they all are sincere,they all are better…i am the weak one!! And Allah has bestowed on me this great favour..


It was as if Moulana SaifuRahmaan told me yesterday about the graduation of Moulana Ashraf ali thanvi rahmatullah alayh and i could remember each word so crystal clear.

“You know Daanyaal..these were our akaabireen..our elders.We should follow them and take ibrat ,lesson from them.You know my ustaadh told us about Hadhrats jalsa.That at the graduation, the turban-tying ceremony (Dastar bandi) was carried out by Mawlana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi. The graduation ceremony of that year stood out from the past and was celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy by the teachers of Deoband. At this occasion, Mawlana Thanawi, with some classmates, said to his teacher Mawlana Ya ‘qub, “We are not deserving of such a celebration and our graduation might bring derision to Dar al- ‘Ulum Deoband.” Upon hearing this concern from Mawlana Thanawi, Mawlana Ya ‘qub became incensed and said, “This thinking of yours is completely wrong! At Dar al- ‘Ulum Deoband, you perceive of your personality as very meek and insignificant because of your teachers, and in fact, this is how you should feel. But once you graduate and step out of this institution, you will realize your worth and importance. I swear by Allah, you will prevail and become dominant wherever you go; the field is open and empty [before you]” (Alwi 53). After graduating from Deoband, Mawlana Thanawi accompanied his father to the holy cities of Makka and Madina………………..”

He told me so much more….But since it was time for Duaa ,i lost my train of thoughts…

We all raised our hands for duaa…It was as if every word ,let out one by one tears…

“O Our Sustainer, we have wronged our souls. If You do not forgive us and bestow upon us Your Mercy, then we shall certainly be from amongst the losers.

O Allah, forgive our sins.

O Allah, overlook our sins.

O Allah, conceal our sins.

O my Allah, how loving You are; how caring You are; how beautiful You are…

O my beloved Allah, O my Raheem Allah, O my Kareem Allah, O my Haleem Allah, O my Most Forgiving Allah, O my Most Loving, Caring Allah,     O my most Compassionate Allah…

…O Allah, we are unable to praise You as we should. You are as You have praised Yourself.

O Allah, You dearly love the forgiveness of the sins of the sinners, when they turn towards You in repentance.

O my beloved Allah, we are extending these hands of ours.

…O my Allah, they are the begging bowls which You have attached to our bodies, so that we may extend them before You during any part of the day and night, and seek from You.

O Allah, we are extending our begging bowls before You.

O Allah, we are not extending these hands before an idol which cannot see, which cannot hear and which cannot avail us in anything. O Allah, our hands are extended before You, and You are All Seeing, All Hearing, All Knowing, All-Powerful…

O Allah, You are the One who responds to the duas of Your servants………………………………”

A heart wrenching duaa indeed!!

I walked outside still in my dream world…when i had a tap from the back..

“Mubaarak Daanyaal!! Oh maaf…Moulana now and all.Allah accept” he shook my hands followed by Another brother..

“mubaarak Moulana…i still remember your hifdh jalsa so clearly.MashaaAllah bhai.Allah accept you”

Every where i turned was buzzing ,handshakes..salaam,mubaaraks……I was so in need of Allah’s acceptance.What was the use being recognised by all except the one whom you have done it for,….I wanted my Allah to be pleased with me..inshaaAllah..bus..khalaas…..enough.

We left the daarul uloom with a……………………

“bem vindo ao brasil “ATTENTION ALL WELCOME TO BRAZIL:

Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport

yOH!! SubhaanAllah!! That announcement really got me out of my thoughts…huhhh..i feel like it was real ,my jalsaa.Those memories are unfathomable and so vivid.It’s amzaing how time passed so fast.5 months already passed after my one year jamaat spent after completion.

I loved my experience in my one made me alot more simple and now i can stay just anywhere.It has built an unbelievable zeal for me to do the work of Tableegh.

I am sure aapa (Daany’s big sister mentioned in the beginning of s.o.i.b) must be waiting for me on the other end.Im soooooooooooooooo excited that my little nephew Ukhaasha Muhsin has completed his hifdh.

Who would have thought the first time i would visit apaa would be Ukaasha’s Hifdh Jalsaa.

And as much as i wish i could spend more time here by Aapaa ..i cant wait to go home because her family said they would give her answer when i get back…….